Vivian Yeh on NYFW

New York Fashion Week is goals—as is our owner, Vivian Yeh, who went there for the Spring/Summer 2017 collections in September. For anyone who remotely cares about the beauty and fashion industry, (and we’re guessing you do since you’re reading this blog) being immersed in the cream of the crop for days upon end is nirvana—after the fact, perhaps.

Behind the scenes, it’s chaos. Personal space is limited. Hair, makeup and nails all get done at the same time. Meaning, lips and eyes get done at the same time. Sometimes you’ve got five minutes to prep one model.  “At one point I was on my knees doing makeup,” Yeh says.


The nights are long and the wakeup calls come early. Tight on time, Yeh made a NYFW novice mistake and used a blow drier to finish drying her brushes, which seemed like a good idea until the brushes burnt. But the burnt brushes and tight spaces were worth the experiences. For example, the designers at the Kyboe show put their male models in plain linen pants—and nothing else (Need a visual? See above).

“Anytime a body part is showing, whether it’s an elbow, a knee or an entire chest, it has to be moisturized so the skin doesn’t appear ashy in the light,” Yeh says. “I had to moisturize topless male models—for work!”

Not a bad day at the office if you ask us, even if she did lose a brush or two. Where do we sign up?

Spring speculations: Strong brows, lips & eyes


Since we’re now privy to NYFW insider information, we’re happy to share what, in just a few short months, will be trending for spring and summer. The strong brow that’s been making waves this fall? It’s here to stay, with an added twist: ditch the arch.

“Some models leave their brow completely alone with no waxing,” Yeh says.

Other trending looks included a strong lip and soft eyes or vice versa. “We picked one part of the face to focus on, like fuchsia lips, and kept everything else softer,” she says.

As pictured above, the model at NYFW rocks pink lips while the eyes are left natural. Together, her full brows and bright lips complete her look.

Our best inspiration? You


Yeh, a master of her craft in more ways than one, has taken countless Aveda makeup classes. After deciding to take it a step further, she completed the runway course for makeup. She mastered it, of course. After casually mentioning her availability to Aveda Global Makeup Director, Janell Geason, she found herself on a plane headed to the Northeast.

Yeh became part of the Aveda makeup team, which completed 14-15 shows at NYFW. Each artist was responsible for one to two models at every show. Each day, Yeh (pictured below working on a model) had at least one show to work—one day she had three.


Her takeaway from it all?

“The designers themselves were surprisingly calm,” she says. “I think that speaks volumes to being confident in your craft, no matter what your craft is—whether it’s makeup, hair, or something completely different. If you have the right balance of technical skills and confidence, no one can stop you.”

While we can’t give you confidence, we can give you a great haircut (or great color) that will certainly help. Book your next appointment today.