Seven Customer & Celebrity-Pleasing Products from Aveda

Everyone knows that Aveda has a cult following around the world. The following products are the ones that have a following of their own, whether they’re noted by celebrities or just have thousands of reviews from happy fans.

 What is it? Aveda Thickening Tonic

What hair type is it for? Hair that needs thickness and volume. And pretty much everyone who believes in #thickhairdontcare

How do you use it? After you get out of the shower, while your hair is combed through but still damp, shake it up, mist it all over your hair and either air-dry or blow-dry.

Why is it awesome? A root-to-tip solution for the flat-hair blues, users say that it noticeably improves volume, giving previously flat hair extra oomph and substance, even when air-drying – looking tousled, but not frizzy.



What is it? Shampure Dry Shampoo

What hair type is it for? Second (or third, or fourth) day hair of all types and textures.

How do you use it? Find hair that needs a touch-up. Aim the container. Poof on the powder. Rake it around with your fingertips until it’s all blended in.

Why is it awesome? Unlike most dry shampoos that come in one-use metal containers with chemical propellant, Shampure Dry Shampoo comes in a little refillable plastic bottle, which you shake, and then squeeze to poof the stuff onto your roots.



color conserveWhat is it? Color Conserve Shampoo

What hair type is it for? Hair that has color in it, of all conditions and textures.

How do you use it? Just like regular shampoo. Lather, rinse, repeat…(or don’t repeat, condition. Why do they always tell you to repeat?)

Why is it awesome? It’s a gentle cleanser that keeps your hair color fresh and preserves it, whereas other shampoos tend to strip the color right out of your hair. It leaves your hair clean, soft and shiny.



What is it? Shampure Shampoo

What hair type is it for? Normal, fine

How do you use it? Lather into wet hair, rinse, follow with a conditioner.

Why is it awesome? It’s a cult classic, with that iconic “Aveda” smell. Beloved by celebs like Kate Bosworth, Shampure is gentle on fine hair, and it doesn’t build up, weigh down, or try to change the kind of hair you have—it just brings out your best texture and natural shine and leaves your hair light, clean, fresh, and ready to go.



What is it? Pure Abundance Hair Potion

What hair type is it for? Hair in-need of more volume.

How do you use it? Sprinkle some of the powder onto your roots in sections and massage it in, as it turns from a powder to a liquid/pomade.

Why is it awesome? Its magic powder-to-liquid formula is perfect for adding runway model-type va-va-volume. And red-haired stunner Christina Hendricks is a big fan of the Pure Abundance line. It’s great as a way to seriously bump up your teasing game, if that’s your thing, and if not, it’s still highly effective and can increase volume almost 20% (they say up to 17%). Also great for getting a second-day hair look if your freshly-washed hair tends to be too slick, fine or floppy to style.



What is it? Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

What hair type is it for? Any hair that goes in the sun.

How do you use it? Mist it on your hair last thing before you go out into the sun for some conditioning and protective SPF.

Why is it awesome? Well, Kim K says she loves it (and say what you will about her—the girl knows hair). It’s a super easy last step in your beauty routine that helps prevent sun damage, environmental damage and faded color when you’re spending time outside.



What is it? Aveda Men’s Grooming Clay

What hair type is it for? Men with shorter or medium length hair who need control but don’t want anything shiny.

How do you use it? Rub a small dab between your palms and spread through hair. Blow-dry for smooth control or style with your fingers for a more piecey look.

Why is it awesome? There are a few styling waxes/pastes/clays out there, some of which are on the high-end quality-wise, this is the top of the line. It delivers more hold, yet still manages to be softer and avoid feeling crunchy. With the matte finish, when you’re styling dry hair the product doesn’t leave it looking wet. And according to some men we know, the warm, spicy smell is great for men who are sick of using ladies’ products that smell like fruit salad.

Pro-tip: Apply half as much as you think you need, then put some more in if you think it’s still necessary. This stuff is super effective so you don’t need a ton if it, and it’s a lot easier to apply a little more than to start out with too much. And be sure to emulsify it between, and apply it with your whole hands, not just the tips of your fingers.



What is it? Smooth Infusion Styling Cream

What hair type is it for? Anyone with a case of the frizzy-fluffies who’s looking to achieve sleek, satiny hair. (Tip: Even curly girls can use this.)

How do you use it? Smooth a quarter-sized dollop through your hair when it’s damp, starting with the ends and scrunching through the top to distribute evenly. Style like usual.

Why is it awesome? If you have straight hair and want it less puffy, or if you have wavy/curly hair and want it to be smooth and straight all day long, this stuff is a great way to prep for a successful blowout and protect from frizziness caused by humidity.

Even curly-haired girls just looking for a little less frizz and puff can use this as a style-prep along with their normal styling routine. Just smooth onto damp hair before styling/diffusing/air-drying and it lasts all day.